Experience a Story: Listen to stories, read and view pictures inspired by our collections created by visitors like you.

Tell a Story: Become a storyteller as you write and record a story inspired by works in the museum’s collection.

Picture a Story: Create your own work of art using objects and characters found in some of the museum’s most noteworthy paintings.

Enjoy, and let your creativity flow through pictures and words!

  • Summertime story by sam jiang

    Summertime Summertimeby Edward Hopper summertime A lot student going to school, but they don't like school ...

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  • An Adventure Story by 8A Savannah Holmes

    A Adventure Story by 8A Savannah Holmes Three months of hard work. And it was worth every second of the last three months. The new settler just made it to the new land. Sick and nasty people all on a boat together for three months. The three month ride was like being an animal in a cage. Now they can breath and look ...

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  • Salem Wolf story by Savannah Lindsay

    A Wolf Had Not Been Seen at Salem for Thirty YearsSalem Wolfby Howard PyleThe young man ran to the village filled with excitement. What he had just seen would be the talk of his people for years to come. As he got closer to the village, he began to shout "Wolves! Wolves! Wolves in the forest!" He could barely contain his glee. One by one the villagers came out of ...

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  • An Adventure Story by Nur Raisah Mohamed Arffah

    A Adventure Story by Nur Raisah Mohamed Arffah Suzy stood at her usual spot. She was holding on to a large packet of Whiskas. A number of felines started runnig towards her as she opened the purple packaging. ...

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