Experience a Story: Listen to stories, read and view pictures inspired by our collections created by visitors like you.

Tell a Story: Become a storyteller as you write and record a story inspired by works in the museum’s collection.

Picture a Story: Create your own work of art using objects and characters found in some of the museum’s most noteworthy paintings.

Enjoy, and let your creativity flow through pictures and words!

  • Salem Wolf story by Morgan Miller

    A Wolf Had Not Been Seen at Salem for Thirty YearsSalem Wolfby Howard PyleNot all witches are bad. Actually, the majority are just as pleasant as normal folk, as you. Some people like us and some people don't, whether they know of our powers or not. My mother and grandmother tell me stories of our past. Why we stay in hidding. Horrible things, like the ...

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  • An Adventure Story by kennedy s

    A Adventure Story by kennedy sThe chaos began when the Musician was done playing his tuba. "Oh boy my head hurts like crazy!" said the Musician. Then the sheriff came down the path. " Well then take some aspirin" remarked the Sheriff." Aspirin was made in 1829 by the father of modern medicine,

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  • A Comedy Story by ben starling

    A Comedy Story by ben starlinga horse stands in the middle of a disco place with a lantern wondering what am i doing here im in a room with a disco ball and a lantern wait..... im a wooden horse and im moving around whattttttttt ohhhh noooooo im on fire ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Thanksgiving story by Rachel Lannino

    Thanksgiving Thanksgivingby Maxfield ParrishThere was a homeless man named Shoeless Joe who was pretty lucky, considering he was homeless. Every Thanksgiving a kind man named Moneyman, would give him a gigantic dinner. This Thanksgiving he got a can of beans and some bread to take home afterwards.

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