Experience a Story: Listen to stories, read and view pictures inspired by our collections created by visitors like you.

Tell a Story: Become a storyteller as you write and record a story inspired by works in the museum’s collection.

Picture a Story: Create your own work of art using objects and characters found in some of the museum’s most noteworthy paintings.

Enjoy, and let your creativity flow through pictures and words!

  • A Mystery Story by Katie Le

    A Mystery Story by Katie LeA couple, who owned an old art museum, called the sheriff in the middle of the night. The sheriff was puzzled at their behavior, but begrudgingly he answered the phone. As soon as he heard the couple's story, he hurried to their museum. "You're sure that it was stolen?" asked the ...

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  • A Fairy Tale Story by Alexis Fellegy

    A Fairy Tale Story by Alexis FellegyOnce upon a time … there was a princess , on a walk to the river ,than , suddenly she saw something comming, she looked clooser than saw that it was cupid it was like it was ment to be and it was they were in love and found there love.

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  • Crying Giant story by Steve Renzi

    Crying Giant Crying Giant by Tom Otterness I am called the 'Crying Giant,' and it's true, I used to cry all the time - but, not anymore. Now, I'm happy. In fact, when you see me, although it might look like I'm crying, actually I'm covering my eyes, counting to ten, and playing hide-n-seek with my friends. I ...

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  • A Horror Story by Josh Tovin

    A Horror Story by Josh TovinIn the middle of the night... a beautiful lady was playing music down by the river. She was so deeply connected to her music that she didn’t hear the cowboy creek up. ”Hey lady,” he said,” That’s quite a nice tune that you’re playing.” “Why thank you,” she said. “You mind if I sing?” he asked. “Of course not,” the ...

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