Experience a Story: Listen to stories, read and view pictures inspired by our collections created by visitors like you.

Tell a Story: Become a storyteller as you write and record a story inspired by works in the museum’s collection.

Picture a Story: Create your own work of art using objects and characters found in some of the museum’s most noteworthy paintings.

Enjoy, and let your creativity flow through pictures and words!

  • A Horror Story by duygu aydın

    A Horror Story by duygu aydınIn the middle of the night, a thunderstorm appeared. A sudden rain began. Lady Gold was in the forest to pick up mashroom. When the rain started, she began to run. She saw an old and creepy hause. She saw something strange and stood there like frozen. There was a warrior with his horse. He was like a zombie. ...

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  • A Western Story by Amanda Olschewski

    A Western Story by Amanda OlschewskiThere’s a new sheriff in town … Sheriff Toby. Sheriff Toby hated "cowboy Jesse". He was always trying to impress the ladies, by showing off. Everyone loved him, except for the sheriff. The sheriff wanted to get rid on this "cowboy", but how could he get rid of someone that everyone loved? He couldn't. ...

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  • Two Clowns story by 7A Martin Carrillo

    Two Clowns Two Clownsby Walt Kuhn Billy, and Bob were about to go on to perfore at the most amazing arena there is! people were chanting, and screaming in excitement of the two clowns coming up to perform. But then......their other clown, Joe, was a new clown who is very clumsy and mentaly slow! While Joe was ...

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  • The Council Chamber story by luis hernandez

    The Council Chamberby Edward Burne-JonesI think this people are celebrate christmas with your friend or family. I think this family are very taried.This family look like died or dont have home for to sleep. The house look nice and have a nice flower.

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